Assessment of Acceptance of Ampalaya Yema


  • Julie Anne Abela
  • Angelica Duran
  • Aileen De Guzman
  • Calvin Abella
  • Arnel Rinos
  • Mary Grace Rodriguez
  • Cristina Abad
  • Alice Tolato


ampalaya yema


Yema is sweet custard confectionery from the Philippines. Yema is made of egg yolks, milk, and sugar. The name “yema” is a Spanish word that means “egg yolks.” It is believed that yema originated from early Spanish construction materials. During the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, egg whites are mixed with quicklime, and eggshells were used as a time of mortar to had stone walls together. Filipinos reused discarded egg yolks to various dishes. Among these dishes is yema, which may be based on the Spanish pastry “Yema de Santa Teressa.” Yemas were originally made with only egg yolk and heated sugar and stirred until the consistency becomes thick. Yema is also known as a candy that is not only eaten by kids but also people of all ages. An experimental research design was utilized in this study, and simple random sampling was used to select the respondents. The instrument used here was a survey questionnaire. The researchers involved 50 Grade 12 Home Economics(HE)Strand students and 10 HEStrand teachers from Bestlink College of the Philippines. The respondents assessed ampalaya yema in terms of taste, aroma, nutritional value, competitiveness, and presentation. From the Likert scale of 5–10, the respondents rated taste and aroma as highly acceptable, with the weighted means of 3.88 and 3.92, respectively. The assessment ratings for nutritional value, competitiveness, and presentation were highly acceptable, with the weighted means of 4.09, 4.29, and 4.18, respectively. Therefore, ampalaya yema is highly acceptable. Further study about this product should be undertaken to improve the product in terms of taste, aroma, nutritional value, and health benefits. Researchers chose yema to contradict the bitterness of bitter gourd because of the sweet content flavor. The product can be easily sold because aside from having the cheapest price, it can also give nutrition to everyone. The researchers need to improve the product by adding flavoring or essence.



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Abela, J. A. ., Duran, A. ., De Guzman, A., Abella, C. ., Rinos, A. ., Rodriguez, M. G. ., Abad, C. ., & Tolato, A. . (2020). Assessment of Acceptance of Ampalaya Yema. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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