Effectiveness of Paragis Hair Cream


  • Keannu Casiano
  • Joshua Dechavez
  • Gerald Dilao
  • James Mhar Tria
  • Angelika De Guzman
  • Anna May Macanas
  • Earl Asuncion, LPT


paragis, hair cream, Elusine indica, dandruff


Concerns about Dry hair and dandruff problems are growing. Some people want to prevent dandruff. Thus, the researchers created a product that can be used to dry hair and scalp, especially those approaching puberty when dry hair and dandruff problems are mainly associated with hormonal changes. Given that the environment is very polluted, the scalp can easily get bacteria from air. Hence, we need to take good care of our scalp. Paragis (Elusine indica) is a plant that has antioxidant properties that remove dandruff from scalp. Paragis has protein, and its leaves have silicon monoxide. In this study, quantitative research was used as the research design. Then, purposive sampling was utilized to gather information from respondents in assessing the level of acceptability of Paragis Hair Cream. Using questionnaire, which was the instrument of the study, the researchers surveyed the respondents, including Science teachers and BCP STEM students, to determine whether the proposed product is acceptable in terms of safety, effectiveness, feasibility, and marketability. The results showed that the product was acceptable in terms of science investigatory project, safety, effectiveness, feasibility, and marketability of the overall project design are. This result indicated that the difference between the assessments of two groups of respondents in terms of the level of acceptability was not significant. Science teachers obtained an overall weighted mean of 4.1, which was interpreted as acceptable with the variance of 0.02233. Meanwhile, the BCP STEM students obtained an overall weighted mean of 2.93, which was interpreted as acceptable with a variance of 0.0203, t-computed value of 2.21, and a degree of freedom of 17 with the value of 2.567. The two groups of respondents had higher t-computed value than t-critical value. Hence, the assessment of two groups of respondents is accepted. The subsequent discussions forwarded by the two groups of respondents are as follows: select appropriate ingredients for better looks in terms of cleanliness, use a clean and presentable container, indicate the expiration date improve the substance of the product, and be consistent on some measurements for a presentable appearance of the product.



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Casiano, K. ., Dechavez, J. ., Dilao, G. ., Tria, J. M. ., De Guzman, A., Macanas, A. M. ., & Asuncion, LPT, E. . (2020). Effectiveness of Paragis Hair Cream. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from https://ojs.aaresearchindex.com/index.php/aasgbcpjmra/article/view/1367

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