Recycled Plastic Wrappers as Plastic Mat in Bestlink College of the Philippines,S.Y. 2019–2020


  • Camella Lasprillas
  • Jonabel Auditor
  • Ariel Magdaong
  • Aliana Butia
  • Jims Bryan Guerinia
  • Rinna Bayaborda


recycled plastic Ascendens


Recycled plastic mats are made of pure recycled plastic; they help environment considerably because instead of discarding the plastic bags, they are recycled into mats to prevent them from spreading to our environment. You can afford the cost of the recycled mats because ordinary mats can only be used two times. However, this recycled plastic mat is still undamaged, which is one of the differences between this mat and ordinary mat. The descriptive method was used in this study. This study aimed to reduce plastic wrappers and keep our environment clean, especially our school. Plastic helped to lessen the waste in our surroundings; because of its product, the people will be encouraged to give importance to our environment and school premises in grade 11 and 12 Accountancy, Business, and Management students in Bestlink College of the Philippines. A descriptive study determines and reports the way things are. It comprises the information all students and presents facts regarding the nature and status of anything. It is concerned with the circumstances of the relationship that happened. This is why we came up with this research because even if it looks simple, it can definitely help the people and the community. Health is the main concern of our government today. As we saw and heard in the news, many diseases occur in our country. This plastic mat is suitable for this problem because it is more spacious and durable. Plastic is the number one widespread litter; hence, some sewers and obstruction can occur, thereby resulting in flooding to some areas in addition to causing hurricanes. This will not only help the environment but also the users of the mat, especially in the neighboring provinces. It will also greatly assist the mattress family because it is recycled. Plastic mats are made of leaves that slowly decomposed and are easily destroyed unlike recycled plastic mats, which though sometimes read, are not easily decomposed; its color can fade, but it can still be used.



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Lasprillas, C., Auditor, J. ., Magdaong, A. ., Butia, A. ., Guerinia, J. B., & Bayaborda, R. . (2020). Recycled Plastic Wrappers as Plastic Mat in Bestlink College of the Philippines,S.Y. 2019–2020. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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