Study of Effectiveness of Using Plastic Bottles as Hanging Vases of Plants in Classrooms of Grade 12 ABM Students


  • Charmayne Purisima
  • Alexzandra Lee
  • Angelica Razon
  • Grace Santiago
  • Jamila Jones Villanueva
  • Kimberly Joyce Emblie


hanging vase, ceramic pot, mud pot, plastic bottles


The research focused on the effectiveness of using plastic bottles as a hanging vase to improve or minimize the plastic bottle waste in the environment and determine the difference of using plastic bottles as vases from other materials such as ceramic pots. Gardeners love using pots for their plants, but most love using plastic bottles as their pots. Using plastic bottles has many advantages, First, different from clay pots, plastic pots work the best for moisture-loving houseplants and for people who forget to water regularly. Second, plastic pots are also stronger and more durable because it does not break easily compared with clay and ceramic pots. Different from plastics, clay pots can be easily chipped if they bumped over something; if the clay pot drops, then it will shatter. Third, plastic pots are also way cheaper compared with other pots because people can find them anywhere. Fourth, plastic pots are lightweight; hence, it is easier to move and hang. Fifth, plastic pots are easier to clean and disinfect, while clay and other pots tend to stain and develop salt deposits on the surface. The study used descriptive design and qualitative research. This study included 50 selected grade 12 Accountancy, Business, and Management Strandstudents. A total of 10variables, such as environmental cleanliness, proper plastic bottles segregation, visual appeal, air quality, the use of limited space, students, teachers, utilities, school administrator, and school visitors, were considered to determine the effectiveness of proper segregation of plastic bottles and recycling it into hanging vases. Environmental cleanliness, creativeness, and good ambiance are some of the possible outcomes of segregating plastic bottles and recycle them into hanging vases that the student may help the environment and avoid some diseases. Meanwhile, students may not able to coordinate and lack experience and interest. The study revealed that the segregation of plastic bottles and recycling them into hanging vases has a huge impact on students’ moods because having a good ambiance can result to positivity. Segregation helps to have a good ambiance, and proper recycling of plastic bottles may avoid some diseases. The study discovered that each student can help and give the student experience in making hanging vase plants by recycling plastic bottles.



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