Benefits of Recycling Plastic Spoon into Flower Vase in Grade 12 ABM Strand at Bestlink College of the Philippines


  • Realyn Sesbreno
  • Margareth Bayona
  • Rinna Bayaborda


plastic pollution, clean surrounding, proper waste management


School is the student’s second shelter. Thus, students should be responsible have a responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of our second home. We must know the consequences if we are not aware of the surrounding of our school campus. This study is conducted in Bestlink College of the Philippines Novaliches Quezon City Year (2019). According to the National Geographic Society (2019), plastic cutlery is everywhere, and most of it can only be used once. Billions of forks, knives, and spoons are thrown away per year. However, similar to other plastic items, bags, and bottle cutlery can take centuries to break down, thereby naturally giving the plastic waste ample time to work its way into the environment. This problem is extremely common but cannot be solved easily. Plastic cannot be biodegraded; hence, plastic waste is increasing. The increase in plastic waste can affect our health. Billions of items of plastic chock our oceans, lakes, and rivers and pile up on land. The objectives of our study were to reduce plastic spoon waste that is increasingly being scattered to the surrounding of our school which we can apply to our home and community. This study used a descriptive survey method with a questionnaire, specifically a checklist, as the main tool in gathering the respondents’ feedback. This research will assess making a flower vase by using plastic spoon waste to minimize the increasing plastic waste in our school. The results of this study showed that the majority of the students agreed that recycling plastic spoons into a flower vase can help maintain the cleanliness in school and will help the student's learning and professor's discussion. However, the researchers cannot force the management of Bestlink College of the Philippines to monthly orient the students on proper waste management. The overall purpose of our study was to help our mother earth from suffering from different types of pollution. In this action, we can gradually save our orient environment and our lives. It can lessen the percentage of plastic waste in our country and promote having proper hygiene. The students can be disciplined to know proper waste management in our school, teach the students to concentrate well on their studies because of clean surroundings, prevent health disorder causes by plastic waste, make the school presentable to other people, and prevent burning plastic waste. Instead of burning, the plastic waste can be used as an alternative product, thereby helping to save our ozone layer.



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