Acceptability of Tofu Patty


  • Rosa Camilla Angeles
  • Ricardo Bolastig
  • Rogohan Domingo
  • Neriza Evangelista
  • Mark Gerald Gambol
  • Felix Maneja
  • Abigael Susi
  • Alice Tolato


tofu patty


Originally, the ingredient of burger patty is meat or beef, but researchers changed meat with tofu as the main ingredient. Tofu is a good source of protein and contains all nine essential amino acids. It is also a valuable plant source of iron and calcium, as well as minerals manganese and phosphorous. Tofu also contains magnesium, copper, zinc, and vitamin B1. The researchers use the experimental research design here. The researchers used random sampling to choose respondents for the study. The instrument used here was a questionnaire to gather the information of the respondents. The difference in taste, aroma, presentation, competitiveness, and nutritional value was significant. In terms of taste, students had a weighted mean of 3.03, while teachers had a weighted mean of 0.4. In terms of aroma, the weighted means were 3.55 for students and 4.25 for teachers. In terms of presentation, the weighted means were 4.12 for students and 4.15 for teachers. In terms of competitiveness, the weighted means were 4.34 for students and 4.25 for teachers. Lastly, interms of nutritional value, the weighted means were 3.95 for students and 3.98 for teachers. The researchers came up with the idea that tofu can be an alternative ingredient of a burger patty on a tofu patty. The faculty said we need two types of tofu patty, that is, with and without the bun because some of the respondents only want to taste tofu patty, whereas others want to taste tofu patty with bun.



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Angeles, R. C. ., Bolastig, R. ., Domingo, R. ., Evangelista, N. ., Gambol, M. G. ., Maneja, F. ., Susi, A., & Tolato, A. . (2020). Acceptability of Tofu Patty. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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