HR Policy Development for Kitchen Equipment Services in Las Piñas City


  • Jackie Molido
  • Hanna Suba
  • Eden Roste
  • Precious Eve Tagab
  • Angelo Martin
  • Joy Evelyn Ignacio,RN, LPT, Mat-Bio, SMRIEdr.


policy development, procedures, programs, enhancement, kitchen services


The company is a kitchen equipment service provider that focuses on commercial kitchen services, such as installing, designing, and renovating. The company was founded in July 2015 and is located in Las Piñas City. It has 200 employees because the company is in the early year of operation. The researchers find it beneficial by enhancing its current policies and procedure followingthe current law and best practices of other companies. The researchers visited the company to interviewedthe Human Resource Admin Officer to know about their company policies and made a written interview with the permission of the HR. The researchers were permitted to have the company manual, which was used as the basis for proposing a new policy and enhance the existing policy, procedure, and program. According to the researchers’ interview with the HR, they found out the company’s current policies and programs include Dress Code, Identification Card, Tardiness, Return of Property, Smoke-Free Environment, Resignation, 201 Files, Authorized Leave, Timekeeping, Overtime Work, 13th-Month Pay, Statutory Holidays, Government-Mandated Benefits and Leaves, Medical Insurance Benefits, Hiring Policy, Recruitment and Selection Policy and Manpower Orientation, Full-Time and Part-Time Employees, Voluntary Separation, Healthy and Safe Workplace, Workplace Violence and Alcohol, Training and Development, Company Foundation, Company Outing, Lateral Transfer and Promotion, Performance Evaluation Appraisal, Autocratic Management Style Policy, Employee Duties and Responsibility, Dismissal of Employees, Handling of Disciplinary Action, Termination of Employment, and Due Process. The policy of this company provides the roadmap for a day-to-day operation in the workplace that ensures compliance with laws and regulations that the employees should follow. The researchers proposed policies and programs to enhance and improve the existing 19 policies. These proposed policies included Equal Opportunity Policy, Relationship in the Workplace and Conflict of Interest, Record Retention Policy, Service Incentive Leave and Special Emergency Leave, Internal Hiring Policy, Work-from-Home Policy, Team Building and Career Pathing Development Policy, Job Rotation Policy, Reward and Recognition Policy and Strategic Performance Management System, Open Door Policy, and Sanction for Clients/Customers.



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