Policy Development for Health Insurance in Building N, UP Ayala Land Technohub, Central Ave. Gate, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila


  • Amanda Latoja
  • Adonis Tipactipac
  • Jhon Balase
  • Jomar Puno
  • Princess May Bienes
  • Joy Evelyn Ignacio, LPT, MAT


United Health Group, monitoring policy, researchers proposed policies, review and references


This health insurance company is located in Minnetonka, Minnesota and was founded in 1997. This company has a branch in Quezon City. This company is the largest healthcare company in the world by revenue with a2018 revenue of $226.2 billion and 155 million customers. As the company is running for the past 43 years, the researchers want to review and enhance the current policies following the current law and best practices of other companies. The researchers gathered data by using a one-on-one interview with the HR Manager of the company. The researchers were permitted to have the company manual for review and reference because one of the researchers is an employee of the company. The researchers found that the existing policies of the company include guidelines and/or procedures for Anti-Corruption, Background Verification Policy, Compensatory Time Off Policy, Conduct at Work, Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure, Corrective Action Matrix, Critical Workday Policy, Capability and Grievance Policy, Dress Code Policy, Drug-Free Workplace Program, Employee Referral Policy–Philippines, Employee Sanctions Monitoring Policy, Information Security Policy, Internal Job Posting Policy–India and Philippines, Internal Transfer Policy, Internet and Telephones, Lactation Policy, Non-Retaliation Policy, Personal Relationships at Work, Policy on Ailment of HIV/AIDS at Work Place, Policy on Ailment of Hepatitis B in the Work Place, Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Probationary Employees Confirmation Process, Quiet Room, Rehire Policy, Relocation Policy, Secure Building Access Policy, and Separation–Full and Final Settlement Process. The researchers proposed policies that should be enhanced or developed, including Enhancement of Prevention of Sexual Harassment for the safety of employees; manual timekeeping to keep an accurate record of their working hours, overtime, and if there is a failure to their time in and out; Financial Assistance for emergency and calamity; Enhancement of Probationary; Work Safely Policy for the safety of employee; Fire Safety Policy to educate the employee about the risk of fire accident; Safety Training to educate the employees about disaster and ensure safety, and Performance Coaching and Mentoring One on one daily to make sure that the employee is getting all the help he/she needs and address all other issues that hinder him/her from meeting the company standards.



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