HR Policy Development for Manpower Cooperative in Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue, Corner P. Tuazon Avenue, Quezon City


  • Cathylyn Rico
  • Chrizia May Baga
  • Hope Marie Cabanada
  • Jules Bayonon
  • Rosemarie Cuizon
  • Joy Evelyn Ignacio, RN, LPT, MAT-Bio, SMRIEdr.


policy development, procedures, enhancement, manpower cooperative


The company is an established manpower cooperative that was formed in 2001. It has 5 branches in the Philippines, with a total number of 14,000 employees. They have 12,000 regular employees and 2,000 probationary employees. In its early years of services, the company was dedicated to providing opportunities and expanding its operation nationwide to cater to more enterprising people in the Philippines. The researchers conducted several interviews with the Human Resource (HR) to collect necessary information, policies, procedures, and common practices. Questionnaires were given to the HR managers. Studies from reliable sources have also been utilized as a reference and basis of this research. The researchers identified 39 existing policies at the company, which included the policies on appropriate/ethical behavior in the workplace, such as attendance, proper grooming and wearing of uniform, and smoking policy. The HR information management includes employees’ 201 files, working/scheduled hours, and employment contracts. Compensation and benefits policies also included 13th-month pay, sick leave, vacation leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, medical insurance benefits, bereavement leave, recruitment, placement, and retention, job posting on the internet, walk-ins, and job fair. They have also had health cardsand mandatory drug tests. In terms of staff development training, they had performance evaluation and management style. The role of staff representatives included duties and responsibilities. In terms of administration of justice included violence against sexual harassment, violence against company property and interest, violence against criminal acts, and due process. The researchers proposed policies that aim to enhance and improve the existing 27 policies. These proposed policies included dress code policy, conflict of interest, antiliquor policy, anti-office bullying, data privacy policy, outside employment, 105 days expanded maternity law, solo parent law, employee referral policy, anti-age discrimination, employee probationary, certified true copy of job contract, mental health law, lactating area, fitness program, fire safety policy, job rotation policy, employee promotion, employee performance review policy, performance coaching and mentoring, open-door policy, internship policy, anti-nepotism policy, and antibribery and corruption policy. It will help the company in the overall management of the operation in compliance with the Labor Law



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