HR Policy Development for Material Handling Equipment Company in Quezon City


  • Jayson Manlapaz
  • Jell Cabarles
  • Angelyn Marcelo
  • Branden Benzon
  • Mark Gerald De Vera
  • Joy Evelyn Ignacio, RN, LPT, MAT-Bio


policy development, procedures, material handling equipment


The firm is an established material handling equipment manufacturing industry thatwas founded on May 03, 2004 and serves the entire Luzon area. The firm is located in Quezon City. Currently, the firm has 117 employees and has been operating for over 15 years providing good quality products, professionalism, and well-experienced material handling services. The researchers used a variety of methods to help in gathering information regarding the company, such as employee surveys and advice from professors. The researchers provided questionnaires to the HR personnel and employees during theinterview. The researchers also used online reading materials as references to support the ideas for the study. The researchers identified 52 existing policies, including the policies on the ethics/standard of conduct such as quality policy, honestly policy, and sexual harassment policy. HR information management covers employee records, time-keeping, employee information, resignation, and data confidentiality. The aspect of compensation and benefits contains government-mandated benefits and leave benefits. Recruitment/placement and retention followed the standard recruitment process, that is, contractual arrangements (e.g., probationary), contractual, and regular employment. For the staff’s well-being, safety and security are implemented. Staff developmentand training included a development policy. Mobility includes policies on promotion and lateral transfer. For the performance management and management style, the policies are democratic and management by wandering around. The management responsibilities and policies are included in the Role of Staff Representative. Lastly, the Administration of Justice includes general policy, rules and regulations, and disciplinary action policy. The researchers proposed 16 policies to improve the company policies and develop policies to improve the good working relationship between the employer and employees. The suggested policies are the following: Conflict of Interest and Anti-Discrimination policy, Biometric policy, Solo Parent, Paternity Leave and Hazard Payment, Enhancement of Hiring Process, Seasonal/Temporary Employment, Occupational Safety and Health Standard, Medical Clinic, Forklift Safety and Training, Job Rotation, Enhancement of Performance Management, Participative Management Style, Security and Health Personnel, and Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy.



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