HR Policy Development for Manpower Services Corporation in Quezon City


  • Glenriel Bermejo
  • Checky Dumalaga
  • Sarah Angela De Leon
  • Sheila Marie Javellana
  • Sweet Jasmine Llanzana
  • Joy Evelyn Ignacio, RN, LPT, MAT-Bio


policy development, manpower industry and procedures


The company is a recruitment agency located in Quezon City. This company has 14 clients nationwide, all of which are manufacturing companies with 1,600 employees. Given that the company has been operating for almost 10 years and Lansana is still growing, the researchers want to review and enhance their current policies following the current law and best practices of other companies. The researchers used qualitative methods, such as face-to-face interviews with the HR officer/s and questionnaires, to gather data and seek a basis and justification about their current policy. The researchers also used online resources as references for best practices because it was compared and contrasted with the company’s manual and different other company’s manual. According to the gathered information coming from the HR supervisor, the manpower industry implemented the following policies: Attendance Policy, General Policies on Conduct, Personal Information and Confidentiality, Basic Benefits and Payment of Wages, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave and Night Differential, Employment Status, Drug-Free Workplace Policy and Program, Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy and Program, Smoke-Free Workplace Policy and Program, Workplace Policy and Program on Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy and Program, WorkplacePolicy and Program on Tuberculosis Prevention and Control, Resignation and Performance Evaluation, Job Description of HR Coordinator, Company Rules and Regulations, and Sexual Harassment Policies and Procedures. The researchers proposed 15 policies, namely, Anti-Age Discrimination, Anti-Office Bullying, Data Privacy Policy, Bereavement Leave, Solo Parent Leave, Enhancement of Retirement Benefits, Seasonal Employment, Lactation Program, Occupational Safety and Health Standard, Enhancement Training and Seminars, Lateral Transfer, Employee Recognition, Open door Policy, Enhancement of Duties and Responsibilities of HR, and Procedure of Termination with Incurable Disease. Policies that are developed and enhanced by the researchers may be beneficial for use or reference of the company. 



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