HR Policy Development for Fine-Dining Restaurant in San Juan City


  • Rosemarie Lumapac
  • Rizza Mae Pula
  • Jayson Lozanes
  • Danadie Sombrio
  • Andrew Vizmanos
  • Jine Tersio
  • Joy Evelyn Ignacio, RN, LPT, MAT-Bio, SMRIEdr.


policy development, procedures, enhancement, fine-dining restaurant


The company is an established fine-dining restaurant that started in 2009. It is one of the fast-growing elite fine-dining restaurants within the Metropolitan area and started to expand internationally. The company has nine branches, including a branch in Shanghai, China, and has 115 employees, all of which are regular employees. The company is dedicated to providing quality Italian dishes to its customers. The researchers used a panel and interviewed the respondents to gather information regarding the company policies. A structured questionnaire was also given to the owner, the Human Resource personnel, and other staff. As a reference to the study, the researchers utilized online resources from reliable websites. One of the researchers was also a former employee of this company; hence, he/she experienced the management first-hand. The researchers identified 44 existing policies, which include the policies on appropriate/ethical behavior within the workplace, such as Absenteeism Policy, Coercive Acts Policy, Company Confidentiality Policy, Drug Policy, Electronic Device and Gadget Usage Policy, Honesty Policy, and Smoking Policy, as well as topics related to recruitment methods, placement guidelines, employee retention strategies, basis of wage, employee safety within the workplace, and employment arrangements. Mobility includes employee rotation fordeveloping their personal and professional growth. Mentoring and coaching approaches are used by the management, and they conduct a performance evaluation twice a year, which serves as the basis for rating the effectiveness of their employee. The researchers proposed 26 policies that aim to enhance and improve the existing policies. This includes Anti-Office Bullying, Anti-Discrimination, Conflict of Interest, Guidelines on Workplace Cleanliness and Sanitation Policy, Official Business Slip, and Enhancement of Mandated Employee Benefits, as well as Equal Employment Opportunity, Internal Hiring, Retirement Pay, Absorption Arrangement, Employee Financial Assistance Program, Company Team Building Program, Training Needs Analysis, Staff Rotation Plan, Performance Appraisal and Improvement Plan, Open-Door Policy, Enhanced Duties and Responsibilities of the HR Personnel, and Revision of Code of Conduct. It will help the company manage the overall operation as it is gradually expanding and in compliance with the state law.



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