Proposed Public Park in Japan Rizal Street, Marikina City


  • Alexander Caramancion
  • Reynaldo Eva Jr.
  • Emmanuel Generale
  • Angelo Huinda
  • Ivandevien Tamayo
  • Arveeh Viejo
  • Earl Asuncion


park, miniature, civil engineering, architect


A park benefits the community; it creates a place for recreational activities, benefits the environment, and improves the quality of life of the residents. This study aims to develop and construct a miniature of the park in Marikina City. This study used quantitative research to measure data by using a numerical system and statistical treatment (Alfieri, 2015). The researchers gathered data by using conventional sampling on 10 Civil Engineering students and 10 Architecture students from the University of the East Caloocan. The researchers utilized a t-test to analyze the significant difference between the two groups of the data gathered. In terms of the level of acceptability of the two groups of respondents, the Civil Engineering Students obtained 4.50, which was interpreted as very highly acceptable, and Architecture students achieved 4.23, which was interpreted as highly acceptable. The data of the two respondents reject the null hypothesis of the study, with a t-computed value of 2.38 and a t-critical value of 1.73. The researchers experienced different difficulties and problems while conducting the research, such as lack of tools and equipment, time management, and small designs. The results showed that the levels of acceptability of the two groups were very highly acceptable and highly acceptable. Hence, rejecting the null hypothesis concluded that the study is significant.



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Caramancion, A. ., Eva Jr., R. ., Generale, E. ., Huinda, A. ., Tamayo, I. ., Viejo, A. ., & Asuncion, E. . (2020). Proposed Public Park in Japan Rizal Street, Marikina City. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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