Proposed Computerized Reservation System for Villa Prescilla Resort


  • Asnairah Pamanay
  • John Emmanuel Mestizo
  • Jessa Mae Temilloso
  • Danilo Delos Santos
  • Jhean Chalsey Besinal


reservation system, Villa Prescilla resort


A computerized reservation system is a kind of software that helps the admins to organize the schedule and cost of any product/service (e.g., options packages) and update the reservation of the customer quickly instead of the manual system they use. The proposed system will help Mr. Reniel A. Velasquez to easily find or reserve. The real essence of our proposal is the computerized reservation system to lessen the hassle of our client. The systems development life cycle was used, which has the following seven processes. In the system planning stage, we sought a client and what kind of system he/she needs in their resort. In the requirement analysis stage, we gathered information through a survey to modify the action that we need. Then, we designed after we gathered information from our client by using various system design tools, such as a flow chart. In the development stage, we started to develop the system and make the features happen. We also tested the system to know if there is an error; if there are errors, then they can be fixed immediately. After testing, we implemented our proposed system. We maintained its good condition and prepared it for our client. We developed the following deliverables: add customer's information, which is where the client inputted all the needed information of the customer; create reservation form, which is where the client creates a reservation for the customer; printing receipt, which is where the client prints the total fees needed to be paid by the customer and the date of their reservation; view form, which is where the client can view all the recorded information (e.g., customer information and reservation) and update the information, print the specific table, and add a shortcut to create the customer information and reservation from the menu; and search engine, which can be used to search the data in the table easily. The researchers proposed to make a system for Villa Prescilla Resort to help them for monitoring the reservation for services. Researchers analyzed the problem of the client and decided to help them by making a system to ease their problem. By the design of the system, the client decides what they want to see and get to the system. By implementing this system, they can easily update and delete the information. It can also easily handle the customer's inquiries. It monitors the schedule of the reservation of the resort.



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Pamanay, A. ., Mestizo, J. E. ., Temilloso, J. M. ., Delos Santos, D. ., & Besinal, J. C. . (2020). Proposed Computerized Reservation System for Villa Prescilla Resort. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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