Proposed Reservation Management System for Daisy Salon


  • Earl Galasao
  • Johnlloyd Picson
  • Shaine Balbarino
  • Jerome Ontolan
  • Mark Joshua Daguil


management, reservation system


A reservation system is an application for assistance. Given that the parlor is following a manual process, we offer them our help. A computerized manage reservation system can replace a “paperless” transaction. This system can be used for the customers to reserve, thereby making the employee’s work easier. The first subsystem of our system is the login form, which is for employees only. The second subsystem information form, which is for the customer before they reserve this form gathers information from the customer. The third subsystem is the mainframe. After gathering information, the customer chooses what schedule they want and service to do to them. The fourth is to manage the reservation form in this form. The researcher manages all customer reserves on that day. The proponents used the systems development life cycle. The first stage was planning; the researcher finds a client to propose a system. The second stage is analysis; the developer analyzes information and converts information into a program. The third stage was designing a flow chart, creating a database schema, and creating a GUI. The fourth stage was development; the programmer created the functionality of every object in the system by using the given process of the client. The fifth stage was testing; the programmer tests the program and finds errors inside the program in the way of debugging and fixing the error in the system. The sixth stage is implementation; the researcher gives the system to the client and the system manual and orients them on how to use the system. The last stage was maintenance, that is, maintaining the system by gathering the feedback of the client. What must change inside the program made the system useful. The researchers developed the following deliverables: (1) Login form, which is for the administrators of the salon to protect confidential information; (2) client information form, which gathers the information that should be reserved; (3) reservation form, which in this part the booked customer the gather time and day where the client to go in the salon; and (4) management reservation form, the place can you see all records of the customer reservation. The computerized management reservation system can reserve a customer in the daisy salon easier than through a manual process. This system gathers the information of the customer and the schedule in the salon and lessens hassle for a returning customer in the salon. This system lessens the work of employees and prevents consuming a long time.



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Galasao, E. ., Picson, J. ., Balbarino, S. ., Ontolan, J. ., & Daguil, M. J. . (2020). Proposed Reservation Management System for Daisy Salon. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from