Assessment on Level of Acceptability of Mangosteen Milk Tea


  • Mark Aldrin Manalang
  • Beverly Abuyog
  • Manelyn Toledo
  • Ginalyn Padrigo
  • Ranz Matthew Tingzon
  • Alice Tolato


milk tea


The popular drink milk tea started gaining attention twelve years ago. Milk tea fans keep growing as businesses keep on producing extensive menus that ensure to satisfy the customers. Nowadays, it is good to see someone consume milk tea once a week, waiting for hours to taste it. The Philippines is a coffee-drinking country, and milk tea suits the culture and climate. According to a study conducted in2018, the Philippines is ranked as the second-largest consumer of milk tea in Southeast Asia. Each type of milk tea has different benefits. For example, black tea improves the ability of arteries to relax and expand to keep the blood pressure on the normal level. Given that the high consumption of milk tea, the market trend has grown dramatically fast, and the target group of consumers would be students and working groups that are under the age of 30. Many shops have been put up. Thus, milk tea is not as rare as it used to be. Many shops have various flavors for the customers. We innovated a new type of milk tea, that is, mangosteen milk tea. We believed that is more refreshing and healthier than the typical milk tea flavors sold in milk tea shops The researchers used a random sampling technique. We distributed survey questionnaires to the 50 selected Grade 12 Home Economics (HE) Strandstudents and 10 teachers/faculty members/experts in Bestlink College of the Philippines. The questionnaire consisted of items for the respondent’s demographic profile and questions about the product. The collected data were analyzed and tallied manually by creating graphs using Microsoft Word The researchers also gave a free taste to the respondents to answer the related questions about the product. The results of the research showed that most Grade 12 HE Strand students agreed on the taste of mangosteen milk tea. The results were based on the interpretation of the product in terms of taste, aroma, nutritional value, competitiveness, and presentation. The average grand mean for Grade 12 HE Strandstudentswas 3.75, which had the verbal interpretation of strongly agree. Meanwhile,theHEStrandteachershad the average grand meanof3.08, which had the verbal interpretation of agree. This research aimed to define the acceptability of mangosteen milk tea among Grade 12HE Strandstudents and teachers inBestlink College of the Philippines. The researchers concluded that the difference between the two groups of respondents was not significant. Some of the students agreed on the interpretation of the product. The respondents also recommended that we must improve the taste of the product. The respondents also recommended adding designs to the cup to make it appealing to others.



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Manalang, M. A., Abuyog, B. ., Toledo, M. ., Padrigo, G. ., Tingzon, R. M. ., & Tolato, A. . (2020). Assessment on Level of Acceptability of Mangosteen Milk Tea. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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