Level of Customer Satisfaction on the Selected Milk Tea Shops in Quezon City: A Basis for a Strategic Plan

Vol.4, No.1


  • John Medrick Bautista Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Anthony Ecal Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Frenrose Quinones Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Raymond Ramilo Bestlink College of the Philippines


Business Administration


Milk tea has become a popular beverage choice for many Filipinos, especially in urban areas
like Quezon City, where the competition among milk tea shops has become increasingly
intense. Therefore, it is crucial for these establishments to meet and exceed customer
expectations to improve business operations and increase customer loyalty. This study aims
to evaluate the level of customer satisfaction with selected milk tea shops in Quezon City,
identify areas for improvement, and provide insights on how to enhance services and
products. The findings of this study can help milk tea shop owners, and managers develop
effective strategies to improve their services and customer satisfaction, ultimately
contributing to the growth and success of the milk tea industry in Quezon City.
The results of the study reveal that the majority of customers purchasing milk tea in Quezon
City are aged between 20 and 25 and are mostly female. Singles and unemployed
respondents are the most frequent purchasers, with most visiting once a week. In terms of
customer satisfaction, the tangibility of the shop received very satisfactory responses, while
reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy received satisfactory responses. There
is no significant relationship between the level of customer satisfaction in the selected milk
tea shops when a profile is considered. The problems encountered by the respondents are
poor service, product quality, poor location, procedure, and safety and health.
Based on the results presented, The researchers proposed that the selected milk tea shops
should prioritize the satisfaction of their customers by enhancing their knowledge of their
customers' demographic profiles as the basis for their preferences. One way to achieve this
is by hiring qualified employees who can provide efficient and excellent service. Based on
customer satisfaction levels with the shop's tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance,
and empathetic responses, satisfaction received a composite mean of 3.04 and was
interpreted as very satisfied with the product's cleanliness and safety. A milk tea shop that
provided what customers needed was interpreted as very satisfying and was assessed as
having a consistent flavor. The milk tea shop's consistently high quality was assessed as
satisfactory for providing enough tissue and adequate packing for takeout orders. The crew
staff's prompt reaction to client inquiries is considered a very positive rating, and the milk tea
shop provided proper service to the consumer, which was evaluated as satisfactory. The
shop personnel were efficient in getting the product, and the prompt product delivery to the
customer was interpreted as satisfactory. The milk tea shop ensures a clean and safe store
environment. The location that makes you feel good while enjoying your goods was also
evaluated as satisfactory. Finally, the order's products were considered satisfactory and
always met or exceeded the standard.



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