Assessment on Acceptability of Ginger Chocolate Cookies


  • Anna Paoner
  • Angela Almencion
  • Howell Naguita
  • Jay Ocampo
  • Arther Arapoc
  • Jeffrey Mesina
  • Alice Tolato




Cookies are sweet biscuits that can be mass-produced in factories. Cookies are often served with a beverage such as milk, coffee, and tea. Ginger can improve ones blood flow and enhance nutrient absorption.In this study, we added ginger as an ingredient of cookies. Ginger is a very popular ingredient in Indian foods and has many health benefits. Bitter gourd consists of vitamins and minerals. We used random sampling to select the respondents. We distributed the survey questionnaires. The respondentsincludedGrade 12 Home Economics Strand students and teachers inBestlink College of the Philippines. Based on the results of the survey, the composite grand mean for the students and teachers was both 3.75. In terms of taste, the grand mean for students and teachers was both3.00. In terms of aroma, the grand mean for students and teachers was both3.57 possibly because of the smell of ginger. In terms of the nutritional value, the respondents had a grand meanof3.93. In terms of competitiveness, the grand mean was 4.15. In terms of the presentation, the respondents had a grand mean of4.13.We presented the product properly to the respondents. Adding ginger to cookies upgraded the taste because of the mixed spiciness and sweetness.This product will easily sell in schools or the market because itis healthy. We chose ginger to contradict their spiciness and sweetness.



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Paoner, A., Almencion, A. ., Naguita, H. ., Ocampo, J. ., Arapoc, A. ., Mesina, J. ., & Tolato, A. . (2020). Assessment on Acceptability of Ginger Chocolate Cookies. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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