Hotel and Restaurant Management System: Administrative (Visitor Management and Vehicle Reservation)


  • Darwin Maranan
  • Mark Daniel Leteral
  • Christine Salubre
  • Remegio Rance III
  • Chona Conde
  • Danilo Cacho


agile scrum methodology, visitor management, vehicle reservation


The Hotel and Restaurant Management System has a subsystem called Administrative (Admin). The admin has a different level of activities with designated modules. The research focuses on Visitor Management and Vehicle Reservation modules inside the administrative system. Visitor Management System is made for recording and collection of visitor data through automated check-in software to help visitors do what they are supposed to do and meet who they are supposed to meet as quickly, effectively, securely, and professionally possible. The vehicle reservation system is all about reserving a vehicle, checking the vehicle availability, and providing statistical data about how many pending and granted requests are made. Using agile scrum methodology, the development team started the research by conducting interviews and getting the needs and wants of the product owner that will be incorporated in the development of the proposed system. The project was divided into sprints wherein the development team was required to accomplish every sprint based on the given time frame up to the completion of the whole project. The developers gathered data and information needed and then utilized them to create a system that is suitable to the necessity of such a newly blooming administrative system and other hospitable industries, such as hotels and restaurants. The system design by the developers resolved different problems such as manual recording of visitor’s information, their visits, and manual reservations of vehicles. Visitor management system focused on recording and collection of visitor data to know who is in the facility, who they are visiting, and how long they spent there. The system also has a function for online appointments. The vehicle reservation system focuses on scheduling vehicle reservations for organizations that maintain their pool of vehicles. The system views the inventory of vehicles by type by checking it to the vehicle management to ascertain the availability of a vehicle of the selected type for the request length of time and assign vehicles from the pool in time for its reservation.



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