Hotel and Restaurant Management System: Administrative (Policy and Disciplinary Tracking)


  • Mc John Batislaong
  • Manuel Ababat
  • Patrick Bidol
  • Joseph Gomez
  • Jerome Salvador


agile, administrative, policy, tracking, innovates


The hotel and restaurant management system have a subsystem called Administrative (Admin). Administrative management is the system of arranging, sorting out, organizing, and controlling office procedures that are viewed to accomplish business targets and are concerned about the proficient and viable execution of office work. The research focused on policy and disciplinary tracking inside the administrative subsystem. The policy and disciplinary tracking system handle the process of implementing policies and tracking individuals that disobey policy/commit violations within the company. Agile scrum methodology is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework that manages product development. The scrum master and development team are responsible for managing the entire project, removing hurdles that may affect the goals/deadlines (sprints), and all works necessary to delivering a potentially releasable “increment of done product” of the project. The conducted research by the development team created more opportunities for clients that meet their needs and demands. The development team concluded that the knowledge will be only provided by the development team to know a better process and make a good process for the system. The proponent identified certain problems such as implementing policies on a given schedule, tracking complaints, and involving people, thereby generating reports. Hence, the proponent developed a system that will resolve the problems to help and innovate the Administrative process. The proposed system study focused on the process of implementing policies and tracking an individual who disobeys the policies and commits violations, which leads to a complaint and generates reports. The system can assure future researchers that this work will be helpful, would perform effectively and efficiently, and assure the security of the different data that were stored.



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Batislaong, M. J. ., Ababat, M. ., Bidol, P. ., Gomez, J. ., & Salvador, J. . (2020). Hotel and Restaurant Management System: Administrative (Policy and Disciplinary Tracking). Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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