Hotel and Restaurant Management System-Human Resource Part 2


  • Clifford Zerna
  • Arvin John Osorio
  • Charlotte Kim Mallen
  • Julito Gatoc
  • Christele Rose Cadisal


HRM system


The proposed system resulted in ease in tallying, evaluating, examining, viewing, requesting, and organizing candidates for applicants, especially employees in the Human Resource (HR) department. This research helped companies innovate their way of processing and lessened the use of resources. The problems being encountered by the existing HR system in terms of creating a strategic plan for choosing candidates, training, and evaluation of employees and other problems in the human resource serves were the basis for the researchers to conduct this study that will improve the current system for the HR nowadays. Through the use of the agile scrum methodology, the development team started the research by conducting interviews and getting the needs and wants of the product owner, which will be incorporated in the development of the proposed HR system. The project as a whole was divided into sprints; the development team was required to accomplish every sprint based on the given time frame up to the completion of the whole project. The conducted research by the development team paved the way for more opportunities for clients that had their needs and demands met. The proponents identified certain problems in terms of finding a possible candidate for promotion, selecting a successor for a certain position, examination process and creation, creating training modules, and viewing employees’ records (i.e., payslip, schedule, and personal records). Hence, the proponents created a system that will resolve all the problems in the current HR system, thereby innovating and upgrading the HR process. The proposed study focused on the selection of candidates for promotion, employee evaluation, training, creating exams, and formats, and making a portal for the employee to view their records and other important reports. The proposed research differs in terms of ease of use and systems integration. A fully integrated approach with different modules in the EIS provides a more accurate, timely, and more relevant system.



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