Assessment on Viability of Carrot Rice Noodles


  • Glendale Coloso
  • Arabella Batellano
  • John Andrey Eterno
  • Dolly Garais
  • Roy Jugarap
  • Joshua Logagay
  • Alice Tolato


carrot, rice


Carrot is a root vegetable that is usually orange in color, although purple, black, red, white, and yellow cultivars exist. Carrots are a domesticated form of wild carrot. This plant probably originated in Persia and was originally cultivated for its leaves and seeds. Although the stems can be eaten as well, the most commonly eaten part of a carrot is the taproot. The roots contain high quantities of alpha and beta carotene and are a good source of vitamins K and B6. Rice is a monocot and normally grown as an annual plant, although it can survive in tropical areas as a perennial plant and can produce a ratoon crop for up to 30 years. Although the parent species of carrot are native to Asia and certain parts of Africa, centuries of trade and exportation have their commonplace in many cultures worldwide. The research design used here was experimental research. The sampling technique used here to select the respondents was random sampling. The instrument used to gather information was a survey questionnaire. The researchers surveyed the respondents, and the results showed that the taste of our product is delicious(weighted mean of 4.09). In terms of aroma, the respondents said that the smell is tempting(weighted mean of 4.20). In terms of the nutritional value, the respondents said that our product is rich in vitamins(weighted mean of 4.35). In terms of competitiveness, the respondents said that our product is affordable and can compete with other products (weighted mean of 4.20). In terms of presentation, the respondents said that our presentation is good(weighted mean of 4.19). The researchers made this product proposal to introduce a new product carrot rice noodles for the customers to taste a new type of noodle, which is healthier than other types of noodles. Our product is also affordable and delicious and can compete with other products.



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Coloso, G., Batellano, A. ., Eterno, J. A. ., Garais, D. ., Jugarap, R. ., Logagay, J. ., & Tolato, A. (2020). Assessment on Viability of Carrot Rice Noodles. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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