All-in-One Vending Machine


  • Jethro Belarmino
  • Vhanessa Arbhie Balbiran
  • Merile Claros
  • Klarize Flores
  • Ysavelle Narvasa
  • Reynold Bangalisan


vending machine


Vending Machine is a machine that can automatically vend different products according to the user’s demands. it is a machine that uses digital and mechanical energy or mechanisms uses actuators to dispense items such as medicines, food products, passes, and licenses to users without manpower. This study was conducted to make an innovation of commonly used vending machines in the market. This study aimed to convert a common vending machine to an all-in-one vending machine that contains not only snacks but also first aid kits, wipes, and hygienic items. Quantitative-experimental research was used to gather relevant data and determine the significant difference between the assessments of the two groups of respondents, that is, 5th-year Electrical Engineering students and professional mechanical engineers on the level of acceptability of the all-in-one vending machine in terms of availability of materials; mechanisms such as first aid kits, snacks, wipes, and sanitizer; durability; and capacity. To make the all-in-one vending machine, the first thing to do is sketch the design. Afterward, all the measured materials of the all-in-one vending machine should be assembled. Then, make the walls and their coin slide with cardboards and use a wire to make an auger. Lastly, prepare and engage the DC motor with its electrical wiring. The assessment on the level of acceptability of the all-in-one vending machine was acceptable for mechanical engineers and 5th-year Electrical Engineering students in terms of the aforementioned variables. The acquired overall mean of the professional mechanical engineers was 3.40, with a variance of 0.03, a t-computed mean of 1.33, and a degree of freedom of 17, with a value of 2.567. The t-computed value was greater than the t-critical one. Therefore, the assessment of professional mechanical engineers is acceptable. This result indicated no significant differences between the assessment of the two groups of respondents. For further improvement of this project, the respondents recommended the following. In terms of the availability of materials, some respondents suggested using recyclable materials instead of rj45 wires. In terms of mechanisms, some respondents suggested using a small plastic pouch for the items to fit in its chamber. In terms of durability, some respondents suggested using thicker and new cardboard to enhance its hardness. In terms of capacity, some of the respondents suggested putting more chambers for more choices.



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Belarmino, J. ., Balbiran, V. A. ., Claros, M. ., Flores, K. ., Narvasa, Y. ., & Bangalisan, R. . (2020). All-in-One Vending Machine. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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