Arduino Uno Based Instaprint Vending Machine


  • Riza Mae Merry
  • Rickson Hermosa
  • Lizelle Cate Oandasan
  • Dannah Grace Recalde
  • Myssa Al Ubaldo
  • Edgar Broncano


InstaPrint, Arduino Uno


With the fast growth of technologies and the growing needs of society, the proponents’ prime objective is to create a machine that would lighten the workload and benefit society. The proponents considered developing a project device that will instantly print a document where you can pay by inserting coins, is stand-alone, and can be installed anywhere. Hence, the proponents conceptualized a design project regarding the interest in the automation of devices, which leads to the creation of an InstaPrint Vending Machine that would provide instant printing service to the users. The iterative method used to develop the project device has the following four stages that the proponents repeatedly underwent until reaching the current system: requirements, designing and development, testing, and implementation. The proponents specified and gathered all requirements, planned and designed how the system flows, tested the machine through evaluation, and implemented the created machine by installing it in an area that is accessible. In testing the device’s performance in accepting coins ranging from old and new and from P1.00 up to P10.00coins, 26 (86.7%) out of 30 tests were recognized and accepted by the program, thereby proving that the device is performing efficiently. In testing the printing process of the device, 34 (85%) out of 40 tests successfully met the standards given, thereby proving its functionality. After random students tried and tested the device, 35 (70%) out of 50 respondents rated the device as very excellent, 7 (14%) out of the 50 respondents as excellent, 4 (%) out of 50 respondents as fairly, 3 (6%) out of 50 respondents as needs improvement, and 1 (2%) out of 50 respondents as poor. The results were gathered, and the computed data proved a significant effect in the performance of the InstaPrint Vending Machine printing service compared with the existing printing services. Based on the result shown, the F-value was higher than the critical value of the 0.05 level of significance. Hence, the null hypothesis that there is no significant difference in the evaluation of the printing service given by the project entitled Development of InstaPrint Vending Machine is rejected. Based on the results, the proposed project provided the user a better experience in printing their document than the existing printing services. A percentage can evaluate whether what you are doing meets the standards set out in your quality plans to show that the standards of the customer are being met in the results. 



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Merry, R. M., Hermosa, R. ., Oandasan, L. C. ., Recalde, D. G. ., Ubaldo, M. A. ., & Broncano, E. . (2020). Arduino Uno Based Instaprint Vending Machine. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from