Glass Crushing Machine: An Alternative Way of Recycling Glass Waste


  • James Gonzales
  • Jeremiah Maiztegui
  • Evangeline Barili
  • Karina Cabaltea
  • Juracel Cayabyab
  • Hezzele Mae Sarasap


Glass waste, constructional sand, machine, crush


Broken glass is one of the common household problems. Glass is extremely fragile and can be easily broken down. Once a glass breaks, its shards will end up in the dump side, trash, or streams. 10.2 million tons of glass wastes are collected per year according to Waste 360. The lack of construction materials, especially sand, should also be addressed. This waste can also be harmful. This study focuses on making a machine that can recycle glass waste into constructional sand, that is, a glass-crushing machine. Recycling glass waste as an alternative to constructional sand will lessen the solid waste problem, decrease the market price of constructional sand, and increase its compressing strength. This study utilized quantitative research methods of the study. Purposive sampling included two groups of respondents composed of 10 mechanical engineers and 10 electrical engineers. The instrument used in this study was a questionnaire. Part 1 of the questionnaire included the profile of the respondents in terms of name, age, and position. Part 2 of the questionnaire consisted of criteria in assessing the acceptability of a glass-crushing machine in terms of usefulness, efficiency, safety, and competitiveness. Part 3 of the questionnaire consisted of suggestions formulated by the respondents to test the acceptability of the machine. The researchers decided to use a 775 torque motor as the main component of the crushing machine. The researchers can make the machine much more efficient and innovative by using cheap materials. The first construction of the glass-crushing machine ended with a failure due to time management and lack of financial support to purchase the materials will be used to buy materials After the first trial, the researchers made an extensive reading and research to study onhow the machine will build properly. Using the recommendations and suggestions of the respondents, in the study, the researchers came up with a good plan. The researchers ended with a much more innovative and efficient design. Despite all the trials and errors, the researchers made the machine usable and efficient.



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Gonzales, J. ., Maiztegui, J., Barili, E. ., Cabaltea, K. ., Cayabyab, J. ., & Sarasap, H. M. (2020). Glass Crushing Machine: An Alternative Way of Recycling Glass Waste. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from