Feasibility Study on Establishment of DJLK Tattoo Shop at Brgy. Nova Proper, Quezon City


  • Lance Louie Andales
  • Jheramie Aniano
  • Kem Shene Malazarte
  • Dexter Rosal
  • Marjorie Faye Servanez


feasibility, establishment, DJLK, tattoo shop


Nowadays, having tattoos has a negative connotation in our culture. Some people say that having a tattoo is a sin; it makes someone look like a criminal. The tattoo culture faces discrimination. However, the beauty of art and emotions in tattoos can be appreciated in many ways. Due to the increasing trend, there was a lot of innovation on tattooing that has been a trend to attract customers. Therefore, DJLK is a business that provides tattoo, henna, piercing, and tattoo removal services to fulfill the needs and wants of the customers that love art and fashion and eliminate the negative perception of tattoos. This study utilized the descriptive method, which was guided by different instruments such as survey questionnaire, SWOT analysis, and financial aspect. The main objective of implementing marketing strategies using SWOT analysis was to reach the target market and turn them into loyal customers. The business also used a survey questionnaire to gather respondents composed of students, professionals, and residents along Novaliches, Quezon City in determining the effectiveness and influence of appreciating tattoos to every individual. It also utilized financial statement to see if the business will grow and if it is productive and feasible. The researchers also wanted to determine the return of investment (ROI). The results of this study showed that the viability of the business prospecting to a great market in the tattoo industry is effective and efficient. Additionally, the number of demands in service doubled in terms of the level of acceptability and appreciation. The financial analysis showed that this business is remunerative to operate and will generate enough revenue and investment. The business effectuates the visible ROI of 0.68% in circulation every year. If the business is well-maintained and managed, then it will continue to surpass profit and success. For further improvement of this business, the researchers recommended systematizing the organization for the success of the business by being profitable and marketable. The management will have to gain the loyalty of the customer by assuring them the assurance by giving tokens to every customer that is availing of the services and promotions of DJLK Tattoo Shop. The researchers also recommended in terms of financial viability for the effective plan for ROI in the same year. That plan will be implemented to make the business profit.



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