Proposed Photovoltaic Le Grande Louvre Pyramid in Tuguegarao City Hall


  • Rechellyn Baring
  • Phonmarck Philip Valenzuela
  • Evan Kadusale
  • Keanu Shane Bernardo
  • Lord Angelo Pangyarihan
  • Marlon Bahana


Photovoltaic Le Grande Louvre Pyramid


The Louvre Pyramid is a glass metal combination forming a pyramid structure that creates and symbolizes a famous museum of art, such as famous paintings and other artifacts. One of the architects of this building is I.M. Pei who is a Chinese-American architect. At present, the Louvre pyramid has become a landmark in Paris City. The pyramid has a height of 21.6 meters (71 ft.), and its square base is 34 meters (112 ft.), and the base surface area is 1000 square meters (11000 sq. ft). It has an inverse pyramid underground that also serves as a shopping mall. A study that can propose a structure of pyramid in Tuguegarao City is important because this city is directly being hit by the sun rays. Thus, we made a photovoltaic Louvre pyramid in Tuguegarao City. This study can help not only the nearby residence but all of the community in Tuguegarao City. It can also be a tourist attraction in the Philippines. Photovoltaic system or solar power system design can supply usable solar power by using photovoltaic power. It consists of a solar panel that converts sunlight to electricity, which is the main point of the study. This location is the main of our purpose. Photovoltaic Le Grande Louvre pyramid has its designated location near Tuguegarao City Hall. This location is unused and directly hit by the sunlight. This place is safe from the Western Valley Fault. Consequently, this location is secured to build an infrastructure. This area is near to the people. Hence, it is easy to get popular by the visitor and people. The architects and civil engineers agreed to a proposed miniature Le Grande Louvre Pyramid in Tuguegarao City Hall. The difference between the assessment of the two groups of respondents in terms of the cited variables was not significant. The problems encountered by the researcher did not hinder the construction of the miniature. The suggestion and recommendations forwarded by the respondents can improve the project. The respondents recommended the researcher improve our diagram, improve our miniature, and include a brief objective and layout to improve our miniature. Additional computation is needed to improve how long this solar-paneled project can supply.



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Baring, R. ., Valenzuela, P. P. ., Kadusale, E. ., Bernardo, K. S. ., Pangyarihan, L. A., & Bahana, M. . (2020). Proposed Photovoltaic Le Grande Louvre Pyramid in Tuguegarao City Hall. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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