Effects of Time Management on Academic Performance of Grade 12 Humanities and Social Sciences Strand Students: An Assessment


  • Shaina Mae Rimas
  • Jonathan Pila
  • Marian Zara Antonette Leonardo
  • Hanna Mae Maramot
  • Regine Follero
  • Dr. Milagros Edillor


time management, achievement, academic behavior, academic performance, prioritize, procrastination


Time management is the process of planning and organizing your time to divide your activities to improve your ability to function effectively and efficiently. It is important in all aspects of our lives. It is crucial especially to the students in an educational setting. These considerations have given the researchers to undertake this study regarding the effects of time management on the academic performance of the students. Good time management allows someone to accomplish more in a shorter time, which leads to more free time. This allows someone to take advantage of learning opportunities, lower your stress tension, and help you focus or avoid procrastination, which leads to more success. The main objective of this study then is to determine how variables affect the time management of the students. The descriptive research design was used in this study because it describes the present condition of this research study. To gather the results of the study, validated self-made questionnaires were designed to collect the needed data and were distributed personally. In selecting the respondents, purposive sampling was undertaken on 80 Grade 12 Humanities and Social Sciences students. These students were academic achievers that are having a hard time managing their time. Data were analyzed using a frequency distribution table. Additionally, a weighted mean was also used. Based on the data gathered from the respondents, a significant relationship between time management and the performance of students in terms of variables including attendance, achievement, and academic behavior. Researchers have therefore concluded that attendance got the strongly agree answers, which meant that students mostly agree that having good time management leads to punctuality. Based on the findings gathered, researchers suggested applying the strategies needed. Students should prioritize their tasks and responsibilities in the order of their importance and urgency to enhance their academic performance and avoid procrastination. In accordance with ABC theory, you are supposed to do the most important things. It would be best also to account for distractions to meet your goals or aims in a particular activity. It is also recommended to make a list of tasks to know how you spend your time.



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Rimas, S. M. ., Pila, J. ., Leonardo, M. Z. A. ., Maramot, H. M. ., Follero, R. ., & Edillor, D. M. . (2020). Effects of Time Management on Academic Performance of Grade 12 Humanities and Social Sciences Strand Students: An Assessment. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from https://ojs.aaresearchindex.com/index.php/aasgbcpjmra/article/view/2644

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