Proposed Office Procedure for Senior High School Registrar Department Educational Institution


  • Ma Larissa Balbuena
  • Princess Alicante
  • Honey Bee Palate
  • Mary Rose Villarmino


pertinent, qualitative, ocular


The registrar’s office is responsible for the efficient management and maintenance of all pertinent student records, such as entrance requirements, personal student information, grades, and other pertinent data. The registrar's office is also responsible for the effective and efficient delivery of service where student records are concerned. There is no full-time chief in charge to oversee the employees. There is no systematic way of releasing the card of the students. In requesting the documents, the researchers proposed a realignment in the requested document. The qualitative method was utilized in this feasibility study. The researchers conducted interviews, observation, survey, and an ocular visit to gather necessary information with regard to the current situation of the department, services, and procedure. The researchers found that the officer-in-charge did not do her job, which resulted in additional work for record officers. This situation may lead to working overtime, overpaying, pending important paper works, etc. In resolving this matter problem, the researchers proposed to hire a full-time chief-in-charge inside the senior high school registrar department to oversee the employees. The researchers also suggested utilizing an online portal to view the grades of the students by using their student numbers instead of giving the report card to the students personally to lessen the workload of the teachers and the employees of the registrar department. Paperwork should be properly endorsed before replacing a new employee to avoid problems in preserving data and other confidential processes inside the department. The researchers proposed giving the request form after the student settled his/her liabilities in the school to ensure that the student who requested his/her pertinent documents settled already his/her remaining liabilities. The significance of this study is to enhance and improve office procedures in the department with proper implementation to provide good quality of services and satisfying results in the future.



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Balbuena, M. L. ., Alicante, P. ., Palate, H. B. ., & Villarmino, M. R. . (2020). Proposed Office Procedure for Senior High School Registrar Department Educational Institution. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from