Proposed Office Procedures for Guidance Office of Higher Educational Institution in Quezon City


  • John Glenn Sadiwa
  • Jeric Caronan
  • Jason Bajan
  • Jeremie Dolorito
  • Jeanly Bunagan
  • Rommel Constantino


office procedures, counseling, testing, research and evaluation, academic scholarships


The Bestlink College of the Philippines in Quezon City continuously increases the number of students, which has become a problem for some employees on how to handle them with lesser manpower. Although every organization has a particular way of doing business, administrative staff members rely heavily on established office procedures. Because it tells who does what, and in general, how and when and it specifies work steps necessary assigns, responsibility and relates what one person does to what others do. A procedure isa guide to employees in school on how to proceed each time a particular type of work is to be performed. The researchers enhanced the Guidance Office, Counseling, Testing, Academic Scholarships, and Research and Evaluation services. First, we studied their department through an interview by using our own provided questioners and strict observation. We studied the employees’ job descriptions and the kinds of work they offer to students. By gathering information, the researchers can find problems and formulate solutions. We recognized the flaws step by step. After the problem was analyzed, the researchers proposed enhancements to Guidance Office procedures. This proposal is possible; it can make the process of each service of the Counseling, Testing, Research and Evaluation, and Academic Scholarships accurate and fast. Following this enhanced office procedures can help the employees in Guidance Department to give students better service. Nowadays, people are looking for an accurate and faster process of finishing a certain job. Knowledge is increasing, and it makes it possible for us to do easier. Using the new office procedures, the employees can easily follow the flow of work. Similar to getting requirements when you apply for a job in the Philippines, we need to get valid IDs and residency to prove that you are clear. People need to wait for their turn and must have patience before they get the documents that they are applying for.



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Sadiwa, J. G. ., Caronan, J. ., Bajan, J. ., Dolorito, J. ., Bunagan, J. ., & Constantino, R. . (2020). Proposed Office Procedures for Guidance Office of Higher Educational Institution in Quezon City. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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