Proposed Office Procedure for Library Department of Educational Institution


  • Maribeth Domingo
  • Darleen Pearl Rogales
  • Jhonny Almoite
  • Jean Mariz Albarico
  • Rommel Constantino


improvement, benefit, smooth


The library department is important because the library is one of the most important parts of the school. Without a library, a school will have limited information to offer the students. A library is a place where books, magazines, and other materials such as videos, musical recordings, projectors, etc., are available and can be found for those who want to use or borrow them. The library is where books and similar items are kept. However, the good condition of the library does not reflect the lack of problems. Based on the observation of researchers, borrowers do not have any proof when a problem occurs in the library system. Students are not given reservation slips for a collaborative room; if the student who wants to make a reservation on a specific date cannot come on the date reserved, other members cannot enter the room. If all computers are being used, then the student and faculty cannot have a reservation. The researchers interviewed the librarian in charge and their unit head for the flow of work in a library. Researchers surveyed the borrowers, asking them for suggestions and answers to questions. The researchers also observed inside the library. Based on the interview, survey, and observation, researchers proposed receiving a copy of the list of borrowed books or the continuation process of borrowing books, which is the returning of a book with and without fines. This will be the proof of borrowers when a problem occurs in the library system to avoid complaints. In terms of the collaborative room, researchers proposed to have a reservation slip for all members to enter the room even when they are not the ones who made the reservation. For computer services, researchers proposed to have a reservation slip; borrowers will only have a chance of using a computer. Having a reservation slip will make the system flow of using a computer for the borrowers will be smooth and the chance of using and waiting will be avoided. These enhancements will benefit both parties. The results of the study of the researchers showed improvement to enhance the services in the library department.



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Domingo, M. ., Rogales, D. P. ., Almoite, J. ., Albarico, J. M. ., & Constantino, R. . (2020). Proposed Office Procedure for Library Department of Educational Institution. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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