Analysis on Impacts of Practical 1 Research Subject on Grade 11 Humanities and Social Science Students


  • Jek Bate
  • Katrina Belmonte
  • vy Cristle Esterosas
  • Angle Felismena
  • Erlaine Villarmente
  • Dr. Milagros Correa Edillor


impact, positive, research


This study aimed to analyze the positive impacts of the research subject on grade 11 Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)students at Bestlink College of the Philippines. The research subject had a more positive impact than negative on students and can develop their skills and knowledge. In particular, grade 11 students who know how to conduct a research paper can easily conduct a good research paper when they turn Grade 12 because they already have prior knowledge on how to do it. This study used the narrative inquiry design of research that is best served the answer the questions and purposes of the study. This study will discuss lessons learned from your collected source information as applied to the plan and investigate experiences and the impact on current behavior and actions. The researchers used random sampling as the sampling technique. Questionnaires were used as the research instrument and distributed to 100 selected Grade 11 HUMSS students. This study assessed the positive impacts of the research subject in terms of the knowledge from their teachers and guidance and support of their parents, as well as knowing the importance of references and moving as one in a group. This is also important for students that have no idea how to conduct good research. Every Grade 11 student realized that having a research subject in their class is important. The results of the study showed that doing research improved their skills and knowledge and positively affected their academic performance. This study also proved that the research subject has a more positive impact, especially for beginners. Every member knew the importance of their relationship and participation as a group. Doing research must continue to secondary institutions to contribute to the development of the students’ skills. The researchers also recommended conducting a seminar about the positive impact of the research subject on students. The teachers must also teach their students with clarity; students, especially beginners, should pay an attention to know the positive impact of the research subject. Teachers should implement strict surveillance to their students to make sure that everyone is being productive.



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Bate, J. ., Belmonte, K. ., Esterosas, vy C. ., Felismena, A. ., Villarmente, E. ., & Edillor, D. M. C. . (2020). Analysis on Impacts of Practical 1 Research Subject on Grade 11 Humanities and Social Science Students. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from