Assessment on the Usability of Research Template and Guide for Senior High School Department: Basis for Crafting Guidelines


  • Sherna Mae Articulo
  • Jozelle Ebajo
  • Leah Ann Calamba
  • John Rey Natalio
  • Maan Alis
  • Midel Mirasol


assessment, usability, template


Instructional materials, such as Research Template and Research Guide, have important uses that will affect how the students will cope with their studies. Using this Research Template and Guide is similar to using a different strategy or technique to help the students gain more knowledge. Students will be more motivated and interested in their studies. Nowadays, students have different means to understand their lessons, which can be verbal or visual. Thus, those materials that are being used are effective to help the students understanding their lessons. The researchers used qualitative research and utilized the descriptive method to focus on describing the usability of the Research Guide and Template. They also used a survey questionnaire to gather the information that is needed from selected Grade 12 Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) Strand students by using random sampling technique. The researchers pretested the instrument and used the selected 100Grade 12 HUMSSStrand students who were included in this study. This will ensure that the tool can gather the needed data. The research found that the Research Template and Guide have important uses on the academic performance of the students, such as major exams, written output, and performance tasks. It helps the construction of their research output to be more effective. The study conducted that the materials that are crafted by the school, such as the Research Template and Guide, will affect the students in their studies. The researchers learned that it is important to use different techniques in studying. The research suggested that students should use the Research Template and Guide, and the teachers will be more enlightened regarding the use of the differently crafted materials in the school.



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Articulo, S. M. ., Ebajo, J. ., Calamba, L. A. ., Natalio, J. R. ., Alis, M. ., & Mirasol, M. . (2020). Assessment on the Usability of Research Template and Guide for Senior High School Department: Basis for Crafting Guidelines. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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