Benefits of HUMSS Strand to Develop Self-Esteem of Grade 11 Students


  • Dindie Grace Magana
  • Elizabeth Barce
  • Necel Ellema
  • Jasmin Jetajobe
  • Roymar Angelo Soriso
  • Midel Mirasol




Self-esteem is a person’s overall self-worth or personal value; it is how people appreciate and love themselves, which is often seen as a personality trait. This also means being stable and enduring; people who have low self-esteem cannot take up the world filled with optimism and determination or have difficulties in interacting with other people to help develop themselves by determining the benefits of choosing the Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) Strand to develop the self-esteem of the students through different activities that HUMSS offers. The researchers used the descriptive method to describe the characteristics of the population or phenomenon that is being studied to provide information with the use of a survey questionnaire provided by the researchers for the respondents to easily express their thoughts and ideas about a certain topic or study. This study was conducted at Bestlink College of the Philippines. The data gathered from the questionnaires served as the primary data, and the information gathered from the literature and studies was the secondary data. The results showed that HUMSS is beneficial in developing ones’ self-esteem based on a survey questionnaire in terms of academic performance with 3.96% where the students are encouraged to participate in class. Extracurricular activities had 3.95%, which helped the students to develop their confidence by joining any sport and club at school. Interpersonal skills had 3.66%, where the students can confidently express appropriate emotion to others. Developing student self-esteem will help them to gain more knowledge, improve their research skills, and teach them how to communicate with other people without uncertainty. The study found that academic performance, extracurricular activities, and interpersonal skills were significantly affected to develop the self-esteem of students.



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Magana, D. G., Barce, E. ., Ellema, N. ., Jetajobe, J. ., Soriso, R. A., & Mirasol, M. . (2020). Benefits of HUMSS Strand to Develop Self-Esteem of Grade 11 Students. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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