Effects of Marawi Siege on Maranao Tribes


  • Herbert Baluran
  • John Rolly Mercader
  • Asnawi Abdul
  • Jomarie Bartolome
  • Francisco Tuliao
  • Dr Riando D Mosqueda


Marawi siege, refugees


The Maranaos are one of three indigenous Muslim groups that are native to the island of Mindanao in the southwestern part of the Philippines together with the Illanun and Maguindanao. This tribal group shares a generalized Southeast Asian culture but has its own cultural identity. Almost all Maranaos are Muslims, but some groups living in the hills around Lake Lanao are committed to a version of Islam that is fused with traces of pre-Islamic traditions. The spreading of Islam in Mindanao created a differentiation between its native peoples; those who became Muslim were named “Moro,” and those who did not are called “Lumad.” The Maranao, who were the first inhabitants of the shores of Lake Lanao, still inhabit this region. The name Maranao means “People of the Lake” or “Lake Dwellers,” referring to the indigenous people who inhabited the grounds around Lake Lanao. The method used for this research was purposive sampling (also known as judgments, selective, or subjective sampling), which is a sampling technique wherein the researcher relies on his or her judgment when choosing members of the population to participate in the study. Researchers often believe that they can obtain a representative sample by using sound judgment, which will save time and money. The results from the data gathered in 50 respondents answered why Maranao tribes choose to relocate to Manila City. The highest assessment on the part of respondents was “Start a new life,” with a weighted mean score of 4.76. The effects of the MarawiSiege are as follows. In terms of the psychological aspect, the highest assessment on the part of respondents was “phobia,” with a weighted mean score of 4.9. In terms of lifestyle, the highest assessment was “lack of proper hygiene,” with a weighted mean score of 5. In terms of social interaction, the highest assessment was “inactive in a social gathering,” with a weighted mean score of 4.36. In the proposed solution, the highest assessment was “The government should give programs to overcome the problem about mental health” and “Give them proper relocation area to start a new life,” with a weighted mean score of 4.76. The results showed that the local government unit must give attention and help them to secure their life and also give them programs that may help them start a new life.



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