Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul


  • Joseph Eslera
  • Marisol Batacao
  • Liesther Roluna
  • Haziel Enares
  • Hazel Marie Burao
  • Leoned Andrew Tumbaga


agile methodology, team, framework


In the past years, hotel and restaurant-related businesses use manual processes, such as booking, reserving guests, taking orders from customers, monitoring assets, and having high risk in preserving goods. The calculation of salaries of employees/workers is also time-consuming. The manual process also had the disadvantage of losing important records/information because of paper durability when used in recording. Maintenance repair overhaul (MRO) refers to maintaining the vehicle’s parts into their original forms and inspecting or checking every part to see if there are damagesor broken auto parts to fix or repair them immediately. Overhauling is necessary to change the damaged parts into new ones. The MRO focuses only on the fleet and vehicle management of auto parts. The researchers used the agile methodology. The researcher properly used all the stages to finally meet the desired system. The scrum team was given 2 weeks to accomplish every sprint up to completion. In the past year, the MRO workshop used a manual process that slows down the transaction process because the information is not arranged in the order of the transaction type. It was mixed with the information, and it had to be manually searched. It takes time to find the specific information about the transaction proof. The researchers planned to create a system that will make the transaction fast and easy for the client and the person operating the system, that is, the manager, staff, or engineer. If they want to search for specific data or information, then it will easily show up. It can also filter the information of the transaction. The purpose of this project was to present a newly upgraded system and help the client and the employee. This newly developed system focused on improving the quality of services to the guests for better results. It would also help the employees by making the transaction fast and efficient. The problem with the existing system served as a basis for the development of a new and more innovative system.



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