Kitchen and Bar Management


  • Gian Karlo Habijan
  • Queruben Bacar
  • Angelyn Tenolete
  • Covi Briant Sequina
  • John Fritz Dela Cruz
  • Leoned Andrew Tumbaga


kitchen and bar management, agile, tracking and monitoring


This study focused on the operation and manufacturing of food and beverage in a facility. Tracking and monitoring through online transactions ensure that orders are delivered fully and efficiently to guests and customers. This system has different functions and features for quick and efficient service at the right time to prevent any delay. This system has a user-friendly interface for the users including kitchen and bar manager, kitchen and bar staff, head chef, and stock sequin. The proponents of the study used agile methodology; this study was divided into 2 weeks to create a software project. Through the use of the agile scrum methodology, the development team started the research by interviewing the respondents and getting the needs and wants of the product owner who cooperated in the development of the proposed kitchen and bar System. It has multiple tasks that are required for the proposed system. The scrum team was divided into different sprint tasks for each member. Every 2 weeks, the team members were required to provide outputs for assigned sprint tasks per member that need to be completed in the required timeframe. The sprints continued every 2 weeks with the scrum members working together to achieve the goal needed for the system. The Core 1 sub-module included order management with POS, food and beverage costing, kitchen and bar management, inventory management, and restaurant analytics. The proposed system was a more reliable system that focused on and effective systems in other connected sub-modules. The final proposed system was tested and ready to launch. This sub-module provided service through monitoring and tracking the orders from customers and guests. This system can be added for a new menu by the head chef and update the kitchen and bar storage to monitor the equipment and ingredients whether if we have stock. This system provided fast and efficient service through quick and easy transactions that helped guests and customers to order. This report also discussed kitchen and bar management processes and transactions with its other connection modules, such as “inventory, food, and beverage costing.” The project aimed to develop a functional system that is more convenient to process the work of the company.



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