Development of Scheduling System in Bestlink College of the Philippines for Senior High School Faculty


  • John Carlo Buere
  • Danielle Joy Miguel
  • Mitch Solano
  • Joana Mae Narciso
  • Janecel Ibarra


faculty scheduling system, Bestlink College of the Philippines, computerized


The purpose of this system is to help senior high school teachers from Bestlink College of the Philippines with their daily schedule on their assigned rooms, time, and subject. Using this application, one can know the schedule from an unknown user. This system will provide an accurate and reliable schedule for Senior High School teachers. We gathered information from Grade 12 Senior High School teachers through survey questionnaires and interviews for better answers and clarification. The output of this research will be an automatic set of presentation schedule alternatives that will take into account all constraints. The proposed algorithm for this automatic scheduling system can generate an optimal presentation timetable and enable direct interaction with lecturers to gather the data of their available time among its functionalities. The proposed system performed satisfactorily in terms of accuracy, data handling, and adaptability in helping the faculty to arrange presentations easily, yield a reliable record, and increase the efficient use of resources. We developed a scheduling system that will fit our clients’ needs in the Bestlink College of the Philippines. The problem with their system was the overlapping and mixing up of the schedules, which causes the whole schedules to be problematic.



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Buere, J. C. ., Miguel, D. J. ., Solano, M. ., Narciso, J. M. ., & Ibarra, J. . (2020). Development of Scheduling System in Bestlink College of the Philippines for Senior High School Faculty. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from