Model of Solar Container Bridge as Alternative Bridge in Caraga River


  • Erika Mae Ponan
  • Jefferson Soriano
  • Colleen Raagas
  • Zyra Mae Valenzuela
  • Abeguel Marcellana
  • Marlon Bahana


bridge, salay, integrated school, river, improvised cable car


One of the largest problems in rural areas of the Philippines is not having a proper bridge that can be used in their daily lives, particularly in Davao Oriental. Butay Integrated School is located near the Caraga River. The students of Butay Integrated School are crossing the Caraga river by using a hazardous improvised cable car, which is also known as “salay” to go to school. To solve the aforementioned problem, this study made a model of a solar container bridge that is planned to be located in a place where it is congested and has an enormous number of students that use “salay” as an alternative bridge. The location of the bridge is planned to be in the safest location around the Caraga river. The purpose of this study was to help many people, especially the students of Butay Elementary School, that cross Caraga River by using improvised hazardous cable car that is made of rattan wood and ordinary rope in their everyday life. The results of this study showed that electrical/civil engineers strongly agreed about the model of the solar container as an alternative bridge in the Caraga River. The difference between the assessments of the two groups of respondents in terms of the aforementioned variables was significant. The problems encountered by the researchers did not hinder the construction of the miniature. The respondents recommended the following. Some of the respondents recommended that the researchers should consider the structural stability with computation and improve their layout and detailed design to make the model reliable.



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Ponan, E. M., Soriano, J. ., Raagas, C. ., Zyra Mae Valenzuela, Marcellana, A. ., & Bahana, M. . (2020). Model of Solar Container Bridge as Alternative Bridge in Caraga River. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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