Factors that Affect Student’s Decision in Choosing College Courses in Bestlink College of the Philippines


  • Rhyoan Firmalino
  • Rona Flor
  • Shane Padiernos
  • Ronnie Rosales
  • Jaquelyn Sison
  • Mirasol Midel


student’s decision, college courses


In today’s generation, many students are undecided in choosing college courses, especially senior high school students. Choosing a college course is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Many of the students are still confused about choosing the right courses that they will take in college. The researchers used qualitative methods and descriptive designs to analyze and interpret data. The instrument used in this study was a survey questionnaire, which was administered to 100 respondents from Humanities and Social Sciences Strand. The respondents were systematically chosen using a random sampling technique. The results showed that the factors that affect the students’ decision in choosing their college course included academic performance (with the composite means of 4.73 for female respondents and 4.09 for male respondents), parents’ decision (with the composite averages of 4.08 for female respondents and 4.12 for male respondents), financial aspect (with the composite averages of 4.05 for female respondents and 4.23 for male respondents), skills(with the composite averages of 3.96 for female respondents and 4.07 for male respondents), and geographical location (with the composite averages of 3.82 for female respondents and 3.90 for male respondents). In making decisions, students should know the factors that can affect their choice of a college course. Students should know about their strengths and weaknesses to guide them on what course they want to take up in college. The parents should also help, guide, and support their children in choosing the right courses for them.



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