Challenge’s Encountered of Paradise Apartelle in Using Technology

Vol.4, No.1


  • Kimberly Perin Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Joross Castilla Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Jevee Mier Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Ashlee Jannelle Tanega Bestlink College of the Philippines
  • Mark Lou Tamayo Bestlink College of the Philippines


Hospitality Management


Technology is the application of knowledge to achieve practical goals in a reproducible way.
The word technology can also mean the products resulting from such efforts, including both
tangible tools such as utensils or machines and intangible ones such as software. Technology
plays a critical role in science, engineering, and everyday life. A steam turbine with the case
opened is an example of energy technology. Technological advancements have led to
significant changes in society. The earliest known technology is the stone tool, used during
prehistoric times, followed by the control of fire, which contributed to the growth of the human
brain and the development of language during the Ice Age. The invention of the wheel in the
Bronze Age allowed greater travel and the creation of more complex machines. More recent
technological inventions, including the printing press, the telephone, and the Internet, have
lowered barriers to communication and ushered in the knowledge economy. While technology
contributes to economic development and improves human prosperity, it can also have
negative impacts like pollution or resource depletion or may cause social harms like
technological unemployment resulting from automation. As a result, there are ongoing
philosophical and political debates about the role and use of technology, the ethics of
technology, and ways to mitigate potential downsides.

Based on the overall result, the descriptive method obtained an average of 3.23, 3.07, and
3.2, which means. Technology helps Paradise employees in providing and maintaining high

According to the general result based on the employees of Paradise Hotel, technology has
been a great help for them to accomplish not lowering the standard rate of their hotel but
increasing it even more.



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