Feasibility Study on Establishment of Rainbow Café in La Forteza Subd., Camarin, Caloocan City


  • Charles Mourice Martin
  • Bamer Balauag
  • Rica Dorosan
  • Rice Echaluce
  • Jeanelle Ramos
  • Ana Maria Dacuno, MBA


equality and freedom, coffee shop, rice coffee, product, Rainbow Café


Rainbow Cafe differs from other coffee shops. In addition to offering products, the other purpose of establishing this business is to promote equality and stop discrimination. Rainbow Cafe is not a typical coffee shop because it caters to everyone regardless of age, gender, skin tone, status in life, educational attainment, etc. As long as the customers can avail the products, they are welcome to enter the cafe. Coffee never gets old as it becomes a part of our lives. People drink coffee to help them stay awake and feel relax, but excessive consumption of coffee leads to palpitation. Hence, researchers decided to used rice coffee as an alternative, which is healthier and more affordable than coffee beans. The researchers used the survey method as a research instrument through a survey questionnaire. The researcher surveyed the residents and students at La Forteza Subdivision, Camarin, Caloocan City on August 1, 2019. The researchers designed one set of questionnaires with 12 questions. The questionnaires were distributed to 50 respondents consisting of male and female to help the researchers if the Rainbow Café’slocation is accessible and if their products and services are feasible and acceptable to the prospective customers. The researchers also utilized financial statements in identifying the feasibility of the business. Results of the study showed that the frequency and percentage distribution of profile of the respondents in terms of gender were 50 and 100%, respectively. This result showed that the possible customers of Rainbow Café will be female, with a percentage of 58%, and most coffee lovers among the respondents are in the age range of 15–25 years old, with a frequency of 25 and a percentage of 50%. The respondents who answered yes obtained an overall percentage of 89%. The respondents who answered no obtained an overall percentage of 11%. Therefore, placing the business near a mall and school will make it accessible. The investments of the owners will return during its 4th year of operation, with a percentage of 53%. The researchers recommended gathering additional information about the customers’ desires and formulate and execute better marketing strategies and sales promotions to attract many customers. Training must be provided to the staff to ensure that they keep in touch with the new trends in the industry and be prepared to provide the customers their desired look. The business owners should create the best marketing strategies and plan and invest in promotion. After acquiring more profit, the store owners should expand and hire more employees.



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Martin, C. M. ., Balauag, B. ., Dorosan, R., Echaluce, R. ., Ramos, J. ., & Dacuno, MBA, A. M. . (2020). Feasibility Study on Establishment of Rainbow Café in La Forteza Subd., Camarin, Caloocan City. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from https://ojs.aaresearchindex.com/index.php/aasgbcpjmra/article/view/1332

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