Business Plan of Establishment of Vider Zone in Barangay 186, Barrack Road, Tala, Caloocan


  • Annaliza Mercader
  • Avegiel Bruno
  • Eugene Gerald Balanay
  • Jessa Marie Tolentino
  • Rose Jane Missiona
  • Ana Marie Dacuno, LPT, MBA


Vider Zone


As one of the convenient transportations, a motorcycle is now an indispensable part of lives. Motorcycle design varies greatly to suit a range of different purposes, such as long-distance travel, community, cruising, and sport including race and off-road rides. Vider Zone is a business that provides the customer’s requests for their motorcycle. A business that fulfills the needs and wants of the customer by offering a unique promotion to attract the target market. This method used a survey questionnaire guided by 4Ps, namely, product, price, place, and promotion with 50 respondent motorcycle users in the vicinity of Caloocan City to know what are the needs and wants of their motorcycle and what kind of motorcycle they prefer to use. The results of the survey showed that most of the respondents preferred to use branded motorcycles than cheaper or local brands. Despite many motorcycle users nowadays, only a few motor shops can offer products and services. Based on this result, Vider Zone will become successful because of its uniqueness, quality, store location, marketing strategy, and well-organized management team. Given that the business is prominent nowadays, the researchers recommended to have a more affordable price for all items and operate 12 hours to have an edge over the competitors. The business shall continue to develop and enhance its products and services to achieve customer satisfaction. Thus, the capital used has been returned. Vider Zone is to make an expansion and branching out not only in the chosen location but also in other possible markets available.



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Mercader, . A., Bruno, A. ., Balanay, E. G. ., Tolentino, J. M. ., Missiona, R. J. ., & Dacuno, LPT, MBA, A. M. (2020). Business Plan of Establishment of Vider Zone in Barangay 186, Barrack Road, Tala, Caloocan. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from