Evaluation in Improving English Proficiency of Grade 12 ABM Students by Doing Research Papers in Bestlink College of the Philippines, S.Y. 2019–2020


  • Joanna Marie Villajuan
  • Irish Cabagtong
  • Zacarias Jay Aguillon
  • Johnrommel Tacata
  • Jeraldine Faustino
  • Crystel-Joy Tamon


evaluation, English proficiency, research paper


English proficiency is required for students to ensure they meet their academic performance. English proficiency is a student’s ability to use, make and communicate English meaning verbally and written. English is a medium of instruction and one of the learning areas that develop the learner’s confidence and ability by using language speaking for effective communication. Students are lagging in terms oftheEnglish language, both in oral and written aspects. One of the strategies used to improve English Proficiency is doing a research paper. Proficiency in English is a critical component of a successful modern society. It will open more opportunities because English is one of dominating languages of the world, which is having an impact on every field of work. English is essential in education because it will affect academic performance. Researchers aimed to improve the students’ English proficiency by doing a research paper to develop English skills and find ways in speech or language difficulty, enhance the level of proficiency in English, and improve academic performance. Researchers choose this topic to find ways in English difficulties, such as vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and communicating skillsthat are a barrier to those who are proficient in the English language. We used descriptive design to describe or explain this study also whether English Proficiency improved by doing a research paper. The respondents were selected using convenience sampling, which is based on the availability of the respondents in section 1201–1209 of grade 12 Accountancy, Business, and Management students. This study used of survey questionnaire because it is the most applicable method. Based on the results of the study, the English Proficiency of the students was improved by doing a research paper on terms of (1) vocabulary words, the student’s depth of knowledge in words gained. (2) Correct grammar, improved the students skills to evaluate the choices available when it comes to revising an earlier written draft, and know the correct spelling of words. (3) Reading comprehension, students can read beyond the literal words and find understanding. (4) In speaking English, students can communicate in English, and the pronunciations develop and enhanced. Doing a research paper can be one of the learning strategies to improve English proficiency and find ways in English difficulties. Vocabulary words the students will improve in English vocabulary knowledge and enhance of the vocabulary word and understand the word difficulty. For reading comprehension, the students will easily understand a reading text and easy to conclude the whole meaning of a text. Correct Grammar the students will sharpen their skill in knowing correct grammar and correct spelling. Practice speaking English the students will enhance of English speaking through reading books, public communication to speak English, and pronunciations of words will develop.



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Villajuan, J. M., Cabagtong, I. ., Aguillon, Z. J. ., Tacata, J. ., Faustino, J. ., & Tamon, C.-J. . (2020). Evaluation in Improving English Proficiency of Grade 12 ABM Students by Doing Research Papers in Bestlink College of the Philippines, S.Y. 2019–2020. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from https://ojs.aaresearchindex.com/index.php/aasgbcpjmra/article/view/1127

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