Innovation of Transponder Malabrigo Lighthouse


  • John Lester Acosta
  • Arlito Suan
  • Lorelyn Ogena
  • Stephanie Ubaldo
  • Adrian Nolasco
  • Marlon Bahana




This study aims to innovate the historical structure of Malabrigo Lighthouse in Lobo, Batangas. The researchers encountered several problems, one of which is how the respondents assess the level of acceptability in terms of concept, structural design, feasibility, and presentation. The study is necessary to provide the readers and other future researchers the knowledge and importance of construction. The contents will also give the readers or future researchers important details, such as how the miniature is constructed and the results and discussions. The researchers had conducted a floor plan and a template, which are necessity for the project, followed by the formulation of methods as a guide on how the researchers add an innovation to the Malabrigo Lighthouse. Lastly, the researchers discussed and tried several materials to achieve the most suitable for the project. The chosen materials were used to produce the miniature. When the product was done, the researchers conducted a survey questionnaire and surveyed two groups of respondents, including 10 4th-year Architecture students and 10 5th-year Civil Engineering students. The collected data were processed using statistical tools and used to answer the statement of the problem. After the data were gathered, the researchers found out that the results in terms of concept, structural design, feasibility, and presentation were 4.19 for 4th-year Architecture students, which was interpreted as highly acceptable, and 4.05 from the 5th-year Civil Engineering students, which was interpreted as highly acceptable. The data gathered showed no significant difference between the two groups of respondents in terms of the aforementioned variables. The results of this study showed that Malabrigo Lighthouse should be innovated to modernize, should have large accommodations in the coastal areas, and should be preserved. This is why it would be more captivating research topic.



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Acosta, J. L., Suan, A., Ogena, L. ., Ubaldo, S. ., Nolasco, A. ., & Bahana, M. (2020). Innovation of Transponder Malabrigo Lighthouse. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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