Proposed Project Miniature of Space Shuttle Launchpad in Palau, Sarangani


  • Mhar Apurado
  • Marian Marin
  • Saint John Bontuyan
  • Carlo Kenly Lopez
  • Monic Lenon
  • Marlon Bahana


space shuttle launchpad


Every space shuttle mission began with a fiery liftoff from the launchpad. If the launchpad demonstrated anything, it would be complicated for the launchpad areas that handled the shuttles for about a month before they made their trips into space. Outfitted with everything a spacecraft and its crew would need to take the final leap into space, the pads handled fueling duties and crew support, and held precision machinery for a range of payload. Our country’s location near the equator makes us a prime candidate for being the go-to rocket launch site for all the world’s space agencies. Given our nascent space program, it is possible to design increasingly powerful rockets to cope with ever-increasing payload demands, but the cost of designing and rolling out new rockets is a slow and expensive process. However, this study can take advantage of the Earth itself to send a rocket into orbit; it is merely a matter of finding the right location, and the Philippines is a good spot for this purpose. This study aims to provide and develop a space shuttle launchpad in Palau, Sarangani for international space flights and international cooperation and become a tourist destination. Astronomers and mechanical engineers highly accepted the Space Shuttle Launchpad miniature. The difference between the assessments of the two groups of respondents in terms of the cited variables was not significant. The problems encountered by the researchers interfered in the construction of the miniature. The suggestions and recommendations forwarded by the respondents are important to improve the project. The respondents recommended that the researchers should pay more time to the mechanism for quality functions. Be consistent on several measurements for a presentable appearance of the miniature.



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Apurado, M. ., Marin, M. ., Bontuyan, S. J. ., Lopez, C. K., Lenon, M. ., & Bahana, M. . (2020). Proposed Project Miniature of Space Shuttle Launchpad in Palau, Sarangani. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from

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