Development and Evaluation of a Proposed Worktext in Solid Mensuration


  • Erovita Teresita Bacud Agustin


Development, evaluation, worktext, solid mensuration


The main purpose of this study is to develop and evaluate a
proposed worktext in Solid Mensuration along the quality of elements:
course content, manner of presentation and usefulness of the material.
The participants consisted of 50 freshmen engineering students from
the University of Saint Louis, Summer 2016. A quasi – experimental
method was used to determine whether the use of worktext in
teaching and learning Solid Mensuration will improve students’
understanding and performance. The data were collected from two
groups (control and experimental), analyzed and were interpreted
using mean, standard deviation and weighted mean and independent
samples t-test. The findings showed that the proposed worktext in
Solid Mensuration is effective in enhancing students’ understanding of
the concepts in Solid Mensuration. Also, the experts and the students
have similar assessment along the different quality of elements of the
proposed worktext; therefore the proposed worktext can be utilized as
a supplementary instructional tool by both the students and teachers
for facilitating teaching and learning process in Solid Mensuration.



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