Career Management of the Philippine Military Academy Graduates: Basis for Policy Improvements


  • Charles V. Calucag


Career management, Philippine military academy, army officers


This study attempts to determine how relevant are the programs
of both the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) and the Armed Forces
of the Philippines concerning the training, deployment and ultimately
their career administration and development to the graduates of
the Academy. It sought to determine the career management of the
Philippine Military Academy graduates from 1997 to 2001 and aimed
to determine the current status, assignments, designations, challenges
while in the service and recommendations of the PMA graduates. The
study made use of the mixed-method research design that involved 123
Army Officers who graduated from the Philippine Military Academy
in the academic year 1997-1998 to 2000-2001 as participants. The
study utilized the following instruments: the Career Management
Assessment Tool, the Document Review Form and Work Life Balance
or Fulfillment questionnaire, Compliance and Implementation
questionnaire. The officers’ career compliance and personnel
management implementation are at “moderate extent” on their career
management. The officers have a “great extent” of fulfillment which is
affected by the marital status, specifically on the relationship category.
The participants wanted some improvements in terms of the policies on
career management. The challenges experienced by the participants in
the service can be appropriately improved though the implementation
or enhancement of some policies on career management.



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