Students’ Perceptions on Student Support Services in Higher Education: An Assessment


  • Andrea Nicole Laurea
  • Carlos Julius Tuzon
  • Trizha Gellyn Marquez
  • Champs Calvin Marin
  • Jessica Benares


student support services, assessment, counseling services


Education plays a vital role in the socio-economic development of a nation. For students to succeed, they must use all available resources. One of these resources is the student support services. In this study, the researchers assessed the student perception of the students regarding the student support services that Bestlink College of the Philippines provides through quantitative and qualitative means. The researchers cannot collect data from all cases to answer the research questions. Thus, a sample should be selected. The set of cases from which the researchers’ sample is drawn is the population. The researchers used the sampling technique to reduce the number of cases. Alternatively, the purpose of the sampling method may be effective when only limited numbers of the people can serve as primary data sources due to the number of research design and aim and objectives. Out of the 50 students, 32% gave feedback regarding the possibility of additional academic support and more consultations provided, while 28% opted not to give any feedback. A total of 18% of the population requested for the details regarding the student support services to become easily accessible to them through the use of media, 10% of the population requested additional books in the library related to some of the subjects they are taking, and the remaining 2% proposed the idea of holding an orientation fair. Information about student support services is not that easy to access. Therefore, this information must be disseminated in other easily accessible media, such as social media, to allow the students to access it easily and utilize it to their advantage. The students relatively agreed regarding the quality of the counseling service in the school and most of the infrastructure and personnel available to them.



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Laurea, A. N. ., Tuzon, C. J. ., Trizha Gellyn Marquez, Marin, C. C. ., & Benares, J. . (2020). Students’ Perceptions on Student Support Services in Higher Education: An Assessment. Ascendens Asia Singapore – Bestlink College of the Philippines Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1). Retrieved from