Feasibility Study on Establishment of Fruity Corndog in Dahlia Avenue Quezon City


  • Earl Jeremy Calayag
  • Jomari Baula
  • Kenneth Candido
  • Marco Riguero
  • Mark Alvin Nolledo
  • Orly Balana
  • Janet Tadeo-Hidalgo, MBA


establishment,fruity corndog


Fruity corndog was innovated through the fusion of hotdogs and fruit. Corn dogs can also be found in any country because of their popularity since it is a frozen food that can be heated and served. Pre-made frozen corn dogs can also be heated in a microwave oven and even deep-fried. The researchers surveyed respondents inDahlia Avenue, Quezon City by questions including items regarding the demographic profile of the respondents and questions related to the product to know what is the best aspect of the business. The target markets of the product are schools, malls, and residents in the area. The researcher decided to have a very unique business. The business proponents were confident enough to introduce the product to the market. The data gathered served as a guide in the production of the product. The results of the survey indicated that the business will be successful in the market The study proved that the corndog with fruit is acceptable to teens and kids.



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